BushelPro Scan

A mobile app for Harvest data capture, storage, and review.
100% Private. Personal information will not be shared with anyone.
Made for Farmers by Farmers.

What is BushelPro Scan?

The BushelPro Scan app is a new tool for Harvest data capture, storage, and review. Using a patent pending data capturing system, it uses your mobile phone to accurately record each grain cart scale’s load weight and automatically sums each Field’s total grain weight for you.

View live, up-to-date total bushels on hand during Harvest and for year-end Yield reporting purposes. Don’t hesitate to make a sale when grain prices are favorable. Also review past seed variety Yields to help determine future purchasing decisions.

Store up to three years of Annual Production History in a 100% private location. Personal information will not be shared with outside third parties.

No iPads or other hardware purchase necessary, you only need the BushelPro Scan app and a digital grain cart scale. No more writing grain cart scale load weights down on a piece of paper to add up later, store your Harvest information in one safe location for each farm member to view live from any location. 


BushelPro Scan Features

One Sharable Account

One account subscription can be shared by up to six different farm members - Each farm member does not need to purchase their own subscription, just share the login info.

Auto Calculating

Automatically adds up all grain cart load weights per Field – Track total bushels on hand during and after Harvest. Know actual number of bushels left in bins to sell with confidence.

Full-Offline Functionality

Scanning feature works in areas with minimal to no cell phone service. All scanned in cart weights upload automatically once reconnected to cell phone service.



Download the BushelPro Scan App Today

Download the BushelPro Scan App for free and enjoy the 7Day Free Trial to discover all the App’s features before purchasing the $179.99/year subscription.


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